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Improve Mental Health Naturally

This is a severe problem and it is common sense that we find effective solutions for these problems. To-day most mental health problems are treated with psychological and pharmacological interventions. The most common psychological treatments are known as cognitive-behavioural therapies (CBT), while antidepressants are the most common class of medication used to treat both depression and anxiety.

Other interventions are also effective, although not promoted as much as the previous mentioned treatments, including exercise, relaxation/ meditation, and sleep-based interventions. Herbs and nutrients are also often used to treat mental health problems, but there is doubt whether they actually work.

The following more commonly used natural supplements will be reviewed to see if there is actually any evidence to support their efficacy.

  • Omega-3 fish oils. There has been a substantial amount of research on the effects of fish oil, mostly in the area of depression, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD ). The overall evidence suggests that fish oil is moderate effective for these conditions. In several meta-analyses it had been confirmed that fish oil can improve depressive symptoms that occur in major depressive disorders and bipolar disorder. The most effective fish oils for mental health are those ones that contain greater concentration of EPA ( a type of omega-3 fat)
  • St John’s wort. This herb has always been very popular for the treatment of depression and there has been many good quality studies in several meta-analyses. St John’s wort has been shown to be effective for the treatment of depression. However, research on stress, ADHD and other mental health problems have not been so convincing. The major problem with St John’s wort is that it interacts with many medications.
  • Saffron. Positive studies on its effect on depression has increased over the last decade. Follow up studies have all confirmed that saffron is effective for the treatment of depression. In comparison with antidepressants such as Prozac and Trofanil, Saffron has proven to be as effective, but with less side effects. Although it is the most expensive spice in the world, only a small amount is needed, which make the cost quite affordable (approx $30 – $40 a month). Another advantage is that in combination with pharmaceutical antidepressants, it was more effective than the antidepressant alone.

Ways To Help People With PTSD

The first step is to make an appointment with a medical expert who can diagnose the problem thoughtfully and determine the patient’s state of mind. The practitioner will understand the symptoms and will decide the course of action effectively.

There are situations where the symptoms can go unnoticed for several weeks or even months. Also there are circumstances where the victim has recovered within 6 months, meaning that there is a lot of variance that comes with handling PTSD.

When a friend or family member has PTSD, there are a few ways to help. Primarily, it is important to express love for the person affected and show them the good things in life in some way or another. Sometimes it is useful to talk to this person directly about the problem. Depending on the severity of the condition, it may be possible to relieve them of stress through conversation. Otherwise, talking to the victim as if he or she did not have PTSD is an effective way to help the victim maintain his or her sanity. Supportive behavior like this can sometimes be enough to help a sufferer return to a healthy mental state. Positive energy is also important, although do not overdo things if the resulting effect is negative. Recommending certain relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga are also possible strategies when dealing with a PTSD victim.

If money shortages occur when trying to pay for medical expenses, start a fundraising campaign by spreading awareness about the effects of PTSD.

In order to help the victim assimilate a normal life again, conduct family reunions, neighborhood gatherings, or club conferences so as to show love and affection through many other people. It is important to note, however, that this could backfire if it reminds the afflicted individual about any events from their past that could possibly contribute to the current problem.

Finally, show support or spread awareness using printed shirts, caps, events, campaigns, and so on. In recent times, people have started using a unique tool to for spreading awareness: silicone wristbands. These are highly durable, long lasting, and suitable for people of all ages. Silicone Wristbands, especially those sold online, are available in various colors, sizes, and designs and are customizable. The main advantage of using wristbands in order to raise awareness and show support for PTSD victims is that messages can be spread to the public with ease. Using printed messages like “SUPPORT PTSD VICTIMS”, “HELP OUR PTSD FRIENDS”, and “SHOW PEACE AND HARMONY” allows the general public to learn more about the cause. Since wristbands are customizable accessories – pick a style that complements the message or anything that is appealing. Various styles and designs include embossed, debossed, dual layer, multicolored, and swirled.

Dealing With Negative People

In dealing with Negative People, the teacher in me will sometimes try to show them another viewpoint to looking at a situation or problem in a more positive light. This clearly doesn’t always work, because, everyone’s journey is different. In the case of someone not being pliable enough to look at another angle, I realize that I don’t need to have any more words on the subject, as they won’t help this person just yet anyway. I am, however, very grateful to have had teachers in my life who have shown me different viewpoints on the negative side of the world. I realize that there are very many ways of looking at things in life to keep yourself in a positive place. What I’ve learned throughout my life is that my trials and tribulations in the world, while sometimes very ugly and painful, have made me who I am. These negative life lessons have made me a stronger person and I do truly believe that I can handle anything the world throws at me. I’ve always been on the side of optimism, and not pessimism, because that’s what’s best for my well-being.

I listen to my mind and body as to how someone makes me ‘feel’. If I don’t feel happy, positive, and uplifted while in someone’s presence, I try to avoid that person or situation as much as possible. I do realize that, again, everyone is on their own personal journey and they may not be in the same place in the journey as I am, and that’s truly OK. It’s taken me quite some time to learn to look at a person or situation and realize that I cannot change anyone but myself in any given situation. And that’s the best I can do for me! I do now love my self enough to recognize people who are toxic for me and my well-being, and do something about it. If avoidance is an issue, and just cannot be done, I will try to remember to protect my energy with the ‘White Light of Protection’ visualization. I say try, because I am human, and I forget sometimes that I need to protect myself. This is my journey of self love.

I wear grounding and protective crystals, like Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline can repel, and block negative energies within a person or space. You can also use it with an intention as a cleansing and purifying system to transmute any heavy energy into a lighter frequency. This is also one of the crystals that I felt was so important, I used it when designing the LHE ‘7 in 1’ Chakra Balancing Crystal Bracelet!

Lastly, ask the person to ‘say something positive’. Not only does this help someone to realize that their behavior is very negative, but also maybe you’ll help them see that there are other ways to looking at things without having to be so negative and such a downer. I used to do this at work all of the time and it always worked like a charm. If someone was unhappy about something in particular and is being rude about it, I try not to apologize to them about it for two reasons: The first reason is that I know that I did the best that I could to diffuse the situation; and secondly, I will not excuse or validate rude behavior with an apology. I have, however, thanked people for their patience while they were being so rude. This usually tends to help them see that their behavior is unacceptable and ends in an apology from them. Try it sometime! It’s actually pretty fun seeing yourself turn around the negativity!

Lower Risk of Schizophrenia in Children

Besides genetics, there are other reasons that can trigger schizophrenia in an individual:

    • Pregnancy complications, traumatic experiences in childhood such as sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and brain injury are also contributing factors that could lead to schizophrenia.
    • Abusing illicit drugs at an early age also precipitates the onset of the disease.
    • Any discordant and strained relationship with family members is also said to be a major reason for schizophrenia.

Incidentally, there are also reports which predict high occurrences of schizophrenia in rich countries as well. Seeking the best of treatments like the schizophrenia treatment can be a viable option for patients. The schizophrenia disorder treatment is counted among the best in the country.

However, when there is a family history of schizophrenia, certain precautions become necessary to prevent or lessen the effects of schizophrenia for the rest, especially the children. Because landing up in a schizophrenia treatment center cannot be a desirable situation for anybody, even if it is the reputed schizophrenia treatment.

Following are a few tips that would help in keeping the children safe from getting the disease:

    • Extending love and support to children: If there is a family history of schizophrenia, children in such households should be treated with utmost love and care. Any confrontation, abuse of mental, physical and emotional should be avoided at all cost. Such harsh behavior of parents and elders could trigger symptoms of schizophrenia in them.
    • Forging friendly relationship with kids: A friendly relationship with the children and helping them make friends outside can prevent them from feeling isolated. It will boost their self-esteem and thwart the advancement of schizophrenia signs. It is especially true of teenagers in the family.
    • Keeping kids occupied: The children should be encouraged to involve more into activities, like art and crafts, sports, music or other activities. Engagement will help them enhance their cognitive and emotional quotients.
    • Teaching them to manage stress: Handing out lessons to children on how to manage stress will go a long way. Coping with stress can really help keep schizophrenia at bay. These learned skills will hold them in good stead later in life.

Help Men Recover From Divorce

  1. Stopping to live in denial – If the wives initiate the divorce, most men are taken by surprise. This is because they have been living in a state of denial. It is important to accept the situation, only then one can face it with will and grit.
  2. Not freaking out – It is important not to freak out when the man gets to know about the divorce as it will make him more vulnerable. It is normal to feel lost, hurt and dejected, but one should be able to de-stress and share the shock and disappointment with a friend or a loved one. Acting in haste can be disastrous.
  3. Calming activities – It is extremely important to calm down so that one can plan the next move. This can be achieved by trying yoga or some form of meditation. Deep breathing can also be immensely helpful.
  4. Spending time with kids – Many men get detached from their kids when the divorce proceedings start. This complicates the matters further. Therefore, until the time custody issues are resolved, the man should try to spend considerable amount of time with his kids and be a doting father. Even if the relationship with the mother isn’t working, the one with children shouldn’t suffer. The more time a man spends with his kids, the better the bonding is.
  5. Spending some time alone – Divorce can be psychologically and physically exhausting. Therefore, it is indispensable to spend time on activities that one loves, like playing soccer with friends, watching a movie or anything else. The effort should be to remain strong and sane during the entire process and not let other things in life suffer. It’s important to prioritize other tasks as well.
  6. Reaching out for support – Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we cannot stop ourselves from not being affected by the mental turmoil. In those times, one must not feel shy and reach out for support to the loved ones, support groups or a psychologist. Sharing grief can help one discover lost strength.

Mental health problems can afflict anyone regardless of age, gender, culture or socio-economic background. Going through divorce and starting a new life can be a daunting task and cause immense stress. If left untreated, a person with mental problems can fall prey to other health issues and get into substance abuse. Such patients deserve the highest levels of care and compassion to recover fully and regain control of their lives.

Perceptions and Our Immune System

Medicine is not an exact science but consumerism has influenced the medical profession to act in a way to give the public impression that medicine is indeed an exact science. Medicine is not a consumer item yet they go along with the notion that it is a consumer item. This way they can apply the same standards of measurement of quality that applies to any consumer item which of course further reinforces and distorts our perceptions into believing that medicine is indeed a consumer item. Politics is game of distorting people’s perceptions. Medicine is all about clearing up people’s perceptions and improving their mental health. If the medical profession plays politics it means that they are also involved in distorting perceptions. Clearly they should stop playing politics and stop politicians turning medicine into a political football. They should be exposing politics. Alas, I can see no hope of society ever improving its mental health without the medical profession clearing up its perceptions regarding the current role they are playing.

In my recent article “Mental Illness and Perceptions” I have pointed out how mental illness is related to our perceptions and it is increasing in every society in the world today. If we are to improve our mental health we have to clear up our perceptions. Quite clearly, from what I have stated above we cannot depend on the medical profession to do this. They have one of the highest suicide rates in society. Where is their credibility when it comes to their mental health?

So how do we go about clearing up our perceptions? I can only try to help you understand what happens in the mind from my own observations. If what I write makes sense then it should start clearing up your perceptions.

First of all let us understand what perception means. There is an observer (the ego) in our mind looking at the picture of reality in front of us. So whenever we open and close our eyes (blink) our eye momentarily fixes on a spot and takes a picture of reality. Perception takes place when the eyes are momentarily fixed and not while travelling from one fixed point to another. We are in actual fact taking a series of pictures of reality and it is our brain that interprets it as one continuous event.

In my mind, when I look at reality, I see it as a timeless dimension. When the observer in the mind and what is being observed become one phenomenon, which many of us experience from time to time without recognising it, you are experiencing that timeless dimension. Here there is no past, present or future. You are looking through a clear sheet of glass. It is only when you introduce words such as ‘Oh how beautiful it is etc… ‘ that you step out of this timeless zone and quickly return into your own manmade time zone. The words just smudge that clean sheet of glass and distort the picture.

Everyday all of us are experiencing reality. Our perception causes all sorts of physiological and biochemical changes in our body without us realising it. It influences our subconscious mind positively or negatively to make us feel happy or sad. It directly affects our immune system. In fact in my mind perception is the link that connects our mind to our body.

So let us see how distorted perceptions can affect an individual. Suppose you are looking at your spouse at a distance talking to someone. You come to the wrong conclusion that they are having an affair. Now the moment you make that perception, your subconscious mind will create negative chemicals in your system which will lead to thinking that is essentially negative, which in turn will lead to actions that are fundamentally self-destruct. You will create chaos all round you. Clearly this distorted perception has led the individual to a path of unnecessary self-created misery.
When it comes to personal health many individuals believe that the cure to their illness lies outside them, that is, someone outside them is doing the curing. This in my mind is a false perception.

You see every one of us is born with the healing power within us. This power lies in our immune system and is under subconscious control. It is directly affected by our perceptions.

If you keep a wound clean and protected, it will heal by itself. That is if you provide the right conditions, Mother Nature will heal you. However, if you keep scratching or irritating it, it will never heal. So you see people can heal themselves, if they provide the right conditions for Mother Nature to heal them.

What happens when you go to the doctor? The doctor makes a diagnosis and prescribes the right treatment. We assume the doctor is healing you, but is he? Not really, because what we do as a doctor is prescribe the right treatment and conditions that helps your immune system to heal yourself. If your immune system does not respond, then no doctor in the world can save you. Remember the healing process always takes place within the individual not outside him. It is what you do with yourself 24 hours a day that will heal you. Hence if you provide the right conditions, Mother Nature must heal you.

So you see it is most important for every one of us to understand how our perceptions affect our thinking which in turn can lead us to wrong or right conclusion. If you know you have to power to heal yourself and it lies in your immune system, and it can be boosted with positive perceptions, wouldn’t you take steps to straighten out your perceptions on various issues?

Therefore if you are in conflict, stressed out, anxious or depressed, it means you are not in harmony with your subconscious mind and your immune system is at risk. You should not try to keep your feelings to yourself but try to talk to someone who can help you see the problem from another point of view. It is only by straightening out your perceptions that you will be able to find instant relief from your symptoms.

After reading this article your perceptions should be clear about you being the sole person responsible for your own health and that you have the power within to heal yourself. If you think you have got the message but still think someone outside you does the curing, it means that you have not understood what I have written. You are indeed writing your own destiny.

Depression and the Subconscious Mind

From the statistics above it is clear that the medical profession is also suffering from a disorder of perception like many of their patients. When it comes to mental health they do not want to look at themselves for fear that they might have to change their directions. Yet unless they realize that we are hypnotic creatures and our perceptions create physiological and biochemical in us, all our research work will only prove to be just chasing shadows not the substance.

We must acknowledge the fact that our hopes and fears and desires affect our perception of reality. Our perceptions lead us to think in a particular way thus affecting our thinking. Our thinking process is hypnotic. It is made up of words and sentences. It influences our subconscious mind positively or negatively depending on the type of words we use; meanings or beliefs do not matter. Now our mental and physical health depends on our immune system which is directly under subconscious control. So it is the subconscious mind that is the elephant in the room and the way we influence it is what we should be addressing.

As I have said before, how one feels at a given moment depends on how one is stimulating one’s subconscious mind. When you are happy it means you are stimulating it positively; when you are depressed and miserable it means you are stimulating it negatively.

If we look around us every one of us is an ego tripper and a time traveller. From the moment one is born, one starts acquiring an identity. One is given a name and then everything we do becomes I, Me and Mine. This self-centred action leads to possessiveness which in turn leads to thinking in terms of “My house, my car, my wife, my husband, my kids etc.” One does not realize that when we go through life this way acquiring wealth, knowledge, power etc. it is a self-isolating process. This process leads to building a mental wall round us. On day sooner or later, depending on the circumstances and one’s conditioning, unless an individual becomes aware of it, one will surely find oneself totally isolated, totally surrounded by this wall and totally alone.

This is the dark side we refer to when our perceptions create a very gloomy picture of reality where there is total despair and everything in life becomes meaningless. This of course is a distorted picture of reality which an individual acquires through self-centred thinking and lack of self-knowledge. Please understand that our thinking process is a hypnotic process and we are constantly hypnotizing ourselves. Under this hypnotic spell the ego is liable to talk himself or herself into taking extremely stupid actions.

If any of you find yourselves in this precarious situation, my advice is not to take yourself too seriously. The wall you have built around yourself is of your own making. It is in your mind. You can break it down and go beyond it just by becoming aware of it in the first instance. Awareness is the weapon you use to dehypnotize yourself. Once you can make that perception that it is a self-created barrier it will melt away. It is a wall you have built through ignorance. You are a part of this universe and the timeless reality. As you clear up your perceptions, you will realize that is there is a whole world beyond the cocoon you have created. However if you withdraw into your shell, you will only be reinforcing that wall.

Verbalizing our feelings is a habit we have acquired in our thinking process. We use words and sentences to express our feelings and as a means of communication. Now these words can have a powerful hypnotic effect on the way we feel about a situation.

Please let me explain how words intensify or give form to your feelings. Suppose you are very angry. You start expressing your anger using words such as “I hate that so and so etc… ” You will find that if you keep using negative words and language you can become quite emotionally upset, and liable to act in a destructive way. But if you did not verbalize your feelings and just tried to understand and stay with them, you will find that they have no life of their own. The feelings will just melt away. Yes it is the words that activate your feelings. Try to maintain the feeling of anger without saying anything in your mind and see how long you can maintain it. You will find that without words your feelings have no substance.

Another habit of the ego is to keep analyzing the negative experience you may have had. Well my friend if you keep analyzing the situation, you will become even more miserable. This is because once you use words it gives form to your feelings and it will activate the thinking process even more. You will be going round and round in circles like a squirrel in a cage. So my advice is stop analyzing. If someone does not want to talk you, don’t ask yourself why etc. You should say in your mind “If you don’t want to talk to me, I have no time for you either. Good bye and good luck.” You will be amazed to find yourself instantly free of the negative feelings.

As we are all ego trippers and time travelers, sooner or later we can expect the dark curtain descending on any one of us out of the blue. If you think you love someone and it is causing you heartache, clearly your perception is distorted because love never makes one miserable. Love always makes one happy. It is your selfishness and your ego that is making you miserable. Learn to understand what love is. When you; love you are always a winner because when you love you never possess a person. However if you possessed someone, it is not love. You will have a feeling of loss attached to it. Love and possession cannot coexist. That is the fundamental law of the mind. Please learn to understand what love is and how your ego tries to manipulate it. Love cannot be manipulated. Once you clear up your perceptions of love and possession, you will be amazed to find how open and free you will feel.

Do not depend on the world to make you happy. You have to make yourself happy. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and regretting. Life is never meant for regrets. All the experiences in life, the good and the bad, are all good for you. They teach you a lesson in life and should make you a better person. Learn from those experiences, make amends and move on. Make the whole world your oyster not only your little shell.

So my message to the medical profession and to all the people who are suffering from depression, anxiety etc. is very clear. If you don’t wish to become one of the statistics in a mental health survey like above, please do not ignore the elephant in the room. Be willing to change your perceptions and harmonize with your subconscious mind. Ignoring the facts will not make them disappear.


Schizophrenia is a serious medical condition which affects the individual’s normality how he/she thinks, speak, feels and act. The individual who encounters schizophrenia finds difficulty in correlating the imaginary and the reality. The biggest misconception among the people, confuse schizophrenia with the split personality or multiple personality disorder actually, both are the different streams.

Types of schizophrenia

With respect to the symptoms and behaviors, schizophrenia can be classified into 5 types as follows.
Paranoid schizophrenia: The most common subcategory of schizophrenia is paranoid schizophrenia. In this type, the individual conduces to lose the touch with the real world by struggling with heavy fear and anxiety.
Hebephrenic Schizophrenia: Disorganized schizophrenia is the other name of this type. The individual encounters illogical thinking and actions. The actions are highly triggered by environmental factors.
Catatonic Schizophrenia: It is a rare type of schizophrenia where the individual encounters group of symptoms, that influence and develop schizophrenia. The main symptom is Stupor – no response and movement in the individual’s body and mind.
Undifferentiated Schizophrenia: The suffering individual might not fit into a specified category. Rather displays both positive and negative symptoms oscillates over the period of time.
Residual Schizophrenia: In this type, the individual might develop the long-term history of negative symptoms.

Symptoms of schizophrenia

  • Illogical thinking
  • Delusions
  • Hallucinations
  • Disorganized speech
  • Stupor- No response and movement in the individual’s body and mind
  • Waxy flexibility – if an individual’s body part is placed in a position it will not be moved until someone else moves it
  • Difficulty feeling pleasure
  • False, fixed beliefs

Causes of Schizophrenia

The exact cause of schizophrenia is not fully understood. But according to the researchers, some factors might trigger an individual to develop schizophrenia they are:
Environmental factor: Studies suggest that including the factors like depression and stress there are few other factors might also develop schizophrenia such as low oxygen level while birth, parental loss, and high rage.
Chemical imbalance: Experts displays that abnormalities in the brain chemicals might also pave the chance of developing schizophrenia.
Substance abuse: Drugs such as LSD, weed, marijuana, and alcohols can also possible make an individual schizophrenic. There is a high chance of symptoms of hallucination, abnormal emotions, and disorganized thinking.
Genetic: Do you know the chance of encountering schizophrenia is 50% higher if the individual is a twin. Genetic is also a factor that plays a vital role in schizophrenia.

Treatment options

A proper treatment is the only way to overcome schizophrenia which can lead a productive life. Treatment follow-up involves a combination of medication, therapies, and counseling sessions. Adhering to the treatment plan can help in the reducing the worsening of the schizophrenia condition and also helps in preventing the risk factors like relapses.

Handle Narcissistic Abuse

The Motivation for Narcissistic Abuse

Remember that narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and abuse exist on a continuum, ranging from silence to violence. Rarely will a narcissist take responsibility for his or her behavior. Generally, they deny their actions, and augment the abuse by blaming the victim. Particularly, malignant narcissists aren’t bothered by guilt. They can be sadistic and take pleasure in inflicting pain. They can be so competitive and unprincipled that they engage in anti-social behavior. Don’t confuse narcissism with anti-social personality disorder.

The objective of narcissistic abuse is power. They act with the intent to diminish or even hurt other people. The most important thing to remember about intentional abuse is that it’s designed to dominate you. Abusers’ goals are to increase their control and authority, while creating doubt, shame, and dependency in their victims. They want to feel superior to avoid hidden feelings of inferiority. Understanding this can empower you. Like all bullies, despite their defenses of rage, arrogance, and self-inflation, they suffer from shame. Appearing weak and humiliated is their biggest fear. Knowing this, it’s essential not to take personally the words and actions of an abuser. This enables you to confront narcissistic abuse.

Mistakes in Dealing with Abuse

When you forget an abuser’s motives, you may naturally react in some of these ineffective ways:

  • Appeasement. If you placate to avoid conflict and anger, it empowers the abuser, who sees it as weakness and an opportunity to exert more control.
  • Pleading. This also shows weakness, which narcissists despise in themselves and others. They may react dismissively with contempt or disgust.
  • Withdrawal. This is a good temporary tactic to collect your thoughts and emotions, but is not an effective strategy to deal with abuse.

Confronting Abuse Effectively

Allowing abuse damages your self-esteem. Thus, it’s important to confront it. That doesn’t mean to fight and argue. It means standing your ground and speaking up for yourself clearly and calmly and having boundaries to protect your mind, emotions, and body. Before you set boundaries, you must:

  • Know Your Rights. You must feel entitled to be treated with respect and that you have specific rights, such as the right to your feelings, the right not to have sex if you decline, a right to privacy, a right not to be yelled at, touched, or disrespected. If you’ve been abused a long time (or as a child), your self- esteem likely has been diminished. You may no longer trust yourself or have confidence.
  • Be Strategic. Know what you want specifically, what the narcissist wants, what your limits are, and where you have power in the relationship. You’re dealing with someone highly defensive with a personality disorder. There are specific strategies to having an impact.
  • Set Boundaries. Boundaries are rules that govern the way you want to be treated. People will treat you the way you allow them to. You must know what your boundaries are before you can communicate them. This means getting in touch with your feelings, listening to your body, knowing your rights, and learning assertiveness. They must be explicit.

Get Support

To respond effectively requires support. Without it, you may languish in self-doubt and succumb to abusive disinformation and denigration. It’s challenging to change your reactions, let alone those of anyone else. Expect pushback when you stand up for yourself. This is another reason why support is essential. You will need courage and consistency. Whether or not the narcissist makes changes, you’ll get tools to protect yourself and raise your self-worth that will improve how you feel whether you stay or leave. CoDA meetings and psychotherapy provide guidance and support.

Annoying OCD Habits

The main deal with obsessive compulsive behavior is that it is constant, invasive and controlling. However, there are natural ways and medical ways in which it can be lessened; ways that make a person’s life more enjoyable and happy.

One natural way is talking with someone they trust. For example, if a person knows that he or she will need to go to a social event, one that they don’t want to go to, they can share this anxiety with that person and get helpful advice on what to do at the social event.

Another way to lessen O.C.D. is to practice “mindful thinking.” Mindful thinking is when you are engaged in something you don’t like, you focus on what is going on during the event. In other words, you don’t focus on what can go wrong but on what you see at the event.

In addition, another way to lessen O.C.D. is deep breathing. Deep breathing, when practiced several times during the day, when needed, can calm the mind and body down. The most effective way to do this is to take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for a few seconds and then let it out slowly through your mouth. Do this several times until you feel calm. To achieve maximum effect, breathe in slowly–for seven to ten times through your nose and exhale slower through your mouth. Soon, you will feel relaxed and calm.

Keep in mind; O.C.D. symptoms can also be lessened by talking with a mental health professional or from reading the Bible or books that offer guidelines and tips on how to overcome this mental health challenge.

O.C.D., like some mental health conditions, can be lessened and in some cases, can be eliminated. However, it does take time, effort, patience and a desire to feel better. Whenever possible, the source of anxiety, should be dealt with; however, one should be cautious on confronting any source of anxiety.