Stop Self-Destructive Tendencies

These self-destructive tendencies threaten your mental health and your life all the time, but in order to understand their negative influence in your thoughts and behavior you have to translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. Otherwise, you cannot understand why you behave the way you do.

One of the worst absurd tendencies that threatens your mental health is the tendency to be immoral. Even if you are moralistic, this tendency is threatening you.

Your anti-conscience takes advantage of the fact that you are constantly seeking satisfaction to impose its immorality to your conscience, and the immoral world influences your behavior the same way.

Immorality defines basically a sexual misconduct, even though it is in fact the absence of moral principles. Therefore, you are immoral whenever you are dishonest and evil, even if this immorality is not related to sex.

Your moral sense is very important for the maintenance of your mental health.

Your anti-conscience is your primitive and satanic conscience that didn’t evolve with time. It is a true monster that can control your behavior all the time or in a few situations of your life.

When you are controlled by your anti-conscience you are an animal that can think, but has no human feelings. This is something that you cannot perceive. You believe that you are the same person, but this is not true. When your conscience is invaded by your absurd and evil anti-conscience you stop having human feelings.

In this situation, you make many costly mistakes. Later, you cannot understand how you could be so inconsequential. You have to deal with many bad consequences.

Your anti-conscience is an enemy in your own brain.

All mental health problems are caused by the anti-conscience. The more powerful it becomes, worse are the symptoms it generates.

The existence of a primitive conscience that has satanic characteristics in the human brain must alarm the human race. We have to change many things in our world and in the way we live in order to protect our mental health and find balance.

The ridiculous modern civilization must be replaced by a new civilization that will respect God’s wisdom.

Now that we learned the truth about our nature thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries and my discoveries after following his steps, and now that I simplified Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation, everyone must learn the dream language and obey the divine guidance in their dreams. This is how we will transform our personalities and our world.