Happiness is the highest from of health

Ways to Enhance Brain Fitness

  • Try memorizing a song – Choose a song that you are fond of, but haven’t memorized the lyrics yet. Listen to the song as many times as you can and try to memorize the lyrics. This will help improve the habit of careful listening, apart from building an active memory.
  • Visit a museum – Consider going on a guided tour of any historical place or a museum. Listen to the guide carefully throughout the tour and after you reach home, try jotting down all the details that you remember. While doing so, your brain will take part in three different operations – receiving, remembering and thinking. This will surely help improve the function of your brain.
  • Try meditating daily – Meditating for a certain period of time everyday is one of the best possible ways to improve brain fitness. This not only helps you relax to a great extent, but also gives your brain the perfect workout. While meditating, you can create a different mental state and thus engage your brain in interesting and new ways.
  • Watch television at a lower volume – Consider setting your television volume a little down than what you normally do. Check out if you can concentrate properly on whatever is being shown. As soon as you get comfortable with the setting, turn the volume down another notch. This is because most of the times, you keep on increasing the volume without even realizing that your listening capability has become a little detuned. Such a step will not only help improve your concentration power, but also give your brain fitness a boost.

Apart from trying these, you can also learn to play a new instrument; solve a jigsaw puzzle; play Sudoko or crosswords; take tutoring classes to lean a new language or take plenty of rest. It’s equally important to opt for a balanced diet and choose brain healthy recipes to ensure that your brain remains fit and healthy for years to come.

Keep Your Brain Healhty

You have to be aware that the Brain is not alone, it is not a separate unit from your body, it is completely connected to all your organs. It is like the director of the orchestra and is vital to the correct functioning of our body. However the Brain cannot direct properly if the organs are sick or are not present. When that happens additional pressure is put on the Brain and does not have all the resources to work, which then has a negative effect on your Brain function.

We all know how important regular exercise is for our body to work properly as well as our muscles. If you fail to exercise your muscles will atrophy quickly. The same happens with your brain, if you don’t exercise it, it deteriorates and increases your likelihood of experiencing memory loose or dementia.

Brain exercise can be done in different ways, such as doing puzzles or problems that need to be resolved by thinking.

Few nutrients can actually cross the brain and blood barrier. It is the function of your organs to send the right nutrients to it in a way that crosses the blood barrier that can be used to keep your brain nourished. Most of the ingredients in the brain supplement exist to support general health which therefore helps the brain.

Train Your Brain to Be Happy

“Sometimes, the mind tends to go off in its own way so that it seems to have no relevance or connectivity to the physical world. At the same time, we feel that our materialistic life can be so captivating that we forget about the real purpose of our life.

From the very beginning of our childhood, most of us have heard, that health is wealth and so we take all sorts of steps to keep ourselves and our body in a healthy and fit condition. Even though we know that our body is perishable.

At times, we think that the root cause of our unhappiness/anger/ lies in how we look. But how we look is just a small piece of the mystery in achieving true fitness. But the outward appearance doesn’t guarantee that you will find peace and happiness within yourself. So achieving mental fitness is important as our physical fitness.

Each component affects each other. Our mind affects our body. Our body affects our mind. Our spirit affects our body and mind at large. If we change our perception, our feelings then our actions will be affected. So it is vital to explore and achieve happiness for healthy body mind and soul. Most of us take measures to keep ourselves fit and healthy in body, but forgot to focus on the fitness of our mind and soul. Therefore, achieving mental fitness is just as important as achieving physical fitness.

Mind, Body and Soul connection

These three are interconnected to each other. So making a harmony between the mind, body and soul is believed to be the ultimate key to happiness and fit body. Let’s see how?

The Body: The physical body is designed in such way that it helps in communicating its dislikes, perception and requirements. Our actions are directed towards fulfilling our need and desire which is highlighted by the sense of taste, sight, touch, hearing, and smell.

The disease generally occurs when both of these combinations (mind body and soul ) are not working in harmony. But without the connection of soul and the mind, the body is totally useless.

The Mind: The mind is the center and the base of every spiritual body and soul. However, certain areas of the mind are governed by will, intellect reason and through emotions. Thus, to make your mind and body healthy, these areas must be fed properly. This can be achieved through yoga, listening music and meditation. It is also vital to cleanse your mind and relax your life and soul as soon as possible. Our feelings may materialize sometimes so it is important to have positive mindsets during our troublesome phase of our lives.

The Soul: The soul dwells inside of the physical body. It is made up of your inner strength of mind. The soul remains long after your body is gone. The soul is the core of our being. We can never be happy by suppressing our inner spirit and our soul. So it is very necessary to keep your soul free and happy for longer life. Being happy generally means searching happiness, contentment, and satisfaction so that your life becomes meaningful.

Here are some of the requisites elements that help you to know and improve your fitness to make your soul happier.

Body’s Systems need meditation

The mind, body and heart, can improve with regular meditation. Our minds are always racing, and we constantly seek something or the other to meet our needs and desires. Meditation has been recognized as an excellent practice that helps in being mentally stronger, physically better and ready to work. It also helps in making your mind and body more disciplined and courageous.

Travelling Makes You Healthier

Traveling helps a lot in changing your mood and exploring new places, cultures. It also helps to relax our mind from daily works and provides us an opportunity to see the world and different cultures. It lets us understand and experience the life in different ways. Some of the benefits of traveling are:

• Traveling helps in giving a relief from our daily routine.
• Traveling also improves our knowledge and enhance our viewpoint.
• New experiences also increase our imagination.
• Traveling also creates memories for a lifetime.

Music for your Health

Music has been used for the purpose of spiritual healing for thousands of years. It is the main source of entertainment in every culture and civilization. But now new research shows that listening to music can lift your mood and lead to a greater support of life.

There’s no doubt that listening music have the power that can instantly put you in a good mood. But scientists have found that music can uplift your inner spirits. Music therapy is now believed as effective and best form of traditional therapy to heal mood disorders or adults with depression.

Advantage of having a Pet

A pet no doubt a great friend. Research has shown that living with pets provides certain health advantage. Pets help a lot in lowering the blood pressure and removing the anxiety. They boost our immunity.

Some of the greatest impact of keeping pets on physical health are beating stress, lowers blood pressure, improves mood, enhance physical activity, lowers cholesterol, remove the fear of loneliness and eases pain.