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Stress and Self Hypnosis

It makes a huge difference. I tried all most of the techniques that people have posted and found that it was hmmm like a bad cup of coffee. When I tried their techniques I found that I just couldn’t go deep… and trust me I have the ability to go incredibly deep.

What’s also wrong with the Self Hypnosis that is being taught on the internet is that you can’t really function properly in eyes open Self Hypnosis. And YOU DO want to function in eyes open Self Hypnosis, in this state you are a powerhouse! You are able to concentrate strongly, powerfully. You are able to retain great amounts of information, You are able to recall great amounts of information. Our mind is just THAT powerful. You do everything better when you are in eyes open Self Hypnosis.

I teach a very simple, very powerful technique to enter into a Powerful state of mind, and how to exit it and also how to function in Self Hypnosis with your eyes open so you can do whatever you need to do.

I help students of all ages with this, in fact I am now considering making it mandatory for ALL my clients to learn Self Hypnosis. It is an amazing gift, with so much to offer. You can now give yourself positive suggestion for change, Your sex life will improve, your studies will improve, you can manage your stress effectively with Self Hypnosis. Your memory will improve. Imagine reading a page in 5 seconds with comprehension. Healing ability improves greatly, You can anesthetize any area of your body. This is especially handy for those ladies and men that wax, or that have to go through a procedure like perhaps laser treatment, or if you fell and hurt your ankle or your arm, you are able to anesthetize that area till you can get to a doctor. (we do need to use common sense here people)

So as you can see, Self Hypnosis has many great benefits. I know of Hypnotists that have placed themselves into Hypnosis for operations and have felt NOTHING. Perhaps you are pregnant and have decided to deliver natural? Guess what! I teach a wonderful POWERFUL technique that enables you to completely numb your body but you will still be able to function perfectly to give birth naturally without any discomfort.

I mean really there is just no discomfort. It is powerful, and what is wonderful is that Your body won’t be at war, the baby is delivered in a short period of time and afterwards you can place yourself into Self Hypnosis for faster recovery. It is amazing what we can do. Our bodies and minds are just amazing.

We have great untapped resources within us, we have great ability within us. Just for a moment imagine how you would like your life to improve? Perhaps you want to play better golf, or perhaps you want to lose a little weight, perhaps you want to take yourself on a 3 minute holiday when things get rough at the office. Perhaps you want to improve your energy levels, or your performance in school. Your thinking and your mood will greatly improve when you practice Self Hypnosis for relaxation.

Successfully Surviving Stress

Stress can be defined as to how your body reacts to any change that requires an adjustment in your response. A certain amount of stress can actually help us to be more alert and to avoid danger. It has been said that life itself is about ninety per cent of how we react to a given situation and only about ten per cent of what actually happens to us.

This article will list some of the dangers that can accompany too much stress or in not doing a good job handling it. What may be easy for one person to face, another person might really be stressed when facing the same task. One person may consider it challenging to be faced with deadlines and needs deadlines to keep life interesting; another goes berserk!

Short-term or temporary stress could cause a fast heart beat, headaches, muscle stiffness, back pain, fast breathing, sweating and upset the digestive system. A stressed-out person might be cranky and have a hard time dealing with even small problems. A stressed-out person could be frustrated, more tired than they should be, have a difficult time focusing, and worry too much about little things.

A long period of time of not doing a good job handling stressful situations can produce more severe problems to a person’s health. Some of these problems include: a weakened immune system, making one more susceptible to a host of immune-deficiency diseases and ailments, high blood pressure, abnormal heart beat, hardening of the arteries, coronary artery disease, heart attack and heart failure. In addition, experiencing stress overload for a long period of time can result in muscle pain, memory problems, poor judgment, worse breathing problems, anxiety, skin problems, loneliness, sexual dysfunction and even panic attacks.

So, it would seem to me that a wise person, a person who cares about their own health and their relationships with other people, would want to do everything they could to change this negative situation that is such a drag to them. Fortunately, there are many, many things that can help a person deal with the negative side effects of a stressful life!

In this article, the solutions are basically divided into three different categories: relaxation techniques, foods, and vitamin-mineral supplements. While the relaxation techniques might not all be what you would think of as relaxing, they are relaxing in so far as removing the tension produced by too much stress!

Stress Handling vs Stress Elimination

Stress Elimination

Once you have identified the fact that you are stressed out through the most part of your day, it makes more sense to try to eliminate some of the sources that might be behind the stress. One way is to list down all the activities during a normal workday (and separately for a holiday), and to identify those activities that you think might have caused you the most stress. Some events might be easier to identify than others, for example, when your manager at work suddenly dumps extra work on you with a stringent deadline. Other scenarios might seem subtle, but might be responsible or high stress, too, for example, chopping vegetables early in the morning. One way to identify high stress moments is to ask others how they perceive your behavior during certain events of the day. Another way is to invest in a stress monitoring device that categorizes your stress patterns into high, medium, and low throughout the day.

When you have the list ready, take some time to go through it thoroughly, and mark out those high-stress activities that might be possible to eliminate. In the above examples, if your manager gives you extra work once in a while, there might be no cause for panic. If it happens regularly though, evaluate if it is possible to move on to a different kind of job. If chopping vegetables early in the morning stresses you out every single day, because morning hours are full of rush, and there is already so much to do before you head out of that door, try a different approach. Check if you can do the chopping the previous night, and store them in the refrigerator, or, maybe invest in a good quality chopping machine that drastically cuts down your chopping time in the morning. Finding suitable alternatives is the primary goal behind stress elimination.

Stress Handling

While going through the list of activities that stress you out, you might identify several events that cause you high stress, but have absolutely no alternatives. A good example is when you get stressed about getting your child ready for school early in the morning. You cannot eliminate this activity because your child must go to the school at the exact same hour every day. This is where efficient stress handling comes into the picture. Monitoring your all-day stress levels help you take the step towards taking a two-minute deep breathing break between a rush-hour chore. It is easy to say, “I don’t have two minutes!”, but the fact is, no one is that busy, and it is not an impossible task to take two minutes out of a 30-minute activity. If you are still hard pressed for time, keep a minimum of ten minutes aside each day (any time of the day is fine) to practice some form of mind-body-medicine technique, such as meditation. With stress handling, there is no magic pill, and you only get better with practice.

Manage Stress Without Stress

  • Seek Social support. A close and healthy relationship with our friends and family keeps us emotionally stable and happy. Talking and sharing about problems with close ones gives us inner strength and guidance.
  • Practicing mindfulness. Whatever activity you do during the day, may it be work, eating or even drinking a glass of water, do it mindfully. This helps us in refraining from negative and intrusive thoughts and also helps us in completing the activity for maximum benefit.
  • Being Optimistic.bBy having a positive outlook towards life, we seek opportunities even in difficulties. It becomes easier to find a way out of difficult phases of life. Along with this acceptance also helps a long way.
  • Revaluating Goals. Many people work so hard to achieve their goals that one day they reach the burnout point and reach to the point of a breakdown. This is not a good thing as we need to be healthy and free enough to reap the benefits of our success. So we need to identify our limits and restructure our expectations and be little gentle on ourselves.
  • So the next time you feel tensed and stressed, remember to take long breaths, count to ten and think about following the above mentioned techniques. Hope they will help!

Stress Management depends on several factors and is not based on one parameter. Hence managing stress involves a diverse set of techniques which if implemented will give significant decrease in present stress levels. I hope this article proves out to be helpful.