Child Obesity

Child obesity has become an epidemic in America, and the sad part of this story is, it is very treatable without any intervention from a doctor. Kids just need their parents to take an active interest in their life, and decide it is time of a change.

The main causes of obesity are genetics, metabolism, nutrition, and exercise habits. There is nothing you can do to change your genetic makeup, but you can certainly change your eating and exercise habits. The easiest thing to do is to monitor your kids eating habits, and keep them accountable. I know from personally experience that kids spend far too much time on devices. I think it is important limit the amount of screen time, and make them go outside to play and burn some energy. It is easy to limit screen time for by using some mobile app technology and bit of effort on the parent’s part.

So how can Child obesity be treated without a doctor? Using a simple structured wholesome nutrition plan. Kids will follow their parents lead on what to eat, so it is important as parents to set good examples on what they should be eating on a daily basis.

Try using a free mobile applications to track their calories, and log their exercise to ensure they are keeping within their daily goal. True change does not happen overnight, but it does require the parent to set the proper expectation with their kids. Kids learn by example, so if you as a parent, are living a healthy lifestyle, then you kids are more likely to do that same.

Many parent complain that feeding their kids healthy food is too expensive. These are typically the same parents that purchase fast food using the drive through on a routine basis. Healthy eating should not be time consuming, nor expensive activity. Yes, it is a lifestyle change, but it is for the longevity of YOUR LIFE.

Eating a healthy, well balance meal should not cost more than ten ($10) dollars per day if you do it properly. Keep in mind that a healthy weight is achieved by 95% diet, and 5% exercise.