Diet culture

With the new year having begun, many individuals are sticking to their new year’s resolutions. One of their resolutions may be to get more active and become healthier. Reviews Bird offers quality reviews about diet products to help you achieve those health and fitness goals.

The negative implications of diet culture

Body image and diet culture have always seemed to become one. Especially with social media and its popularity, many young individuals have begun to compare themselves to their favourite social media stars. This comparison has caused many individuals to want to achieve unrealistic weight loss goals in an unhealthy manner.

Myths surrounding diet culture

There is a lot of factual and misleading information surrounding dieting and what food groups are good and bad for you. A few myths surrounding diet culture and food groups include Carbs equal fat. Not true. Your body needs carbohydrates, as they produce the energy necessary for your body to function. Healthy food is more expensive. Not true. While raw produce can go off quickly, buying frozen veg saves you a penny and provides the exact nutrients you would find in fresh produce. You can also shop at your local shop to save a penny compared to the high-end grocers. Doing intense exercises is the only way to lose weight. Not true. If your goal is to lose weight, the best way to do it is to lower your calorie intake. But please keep in mind that 1200 calories are enough to sustain a growing toddler. You need more than that. Low-fat foods are healthier; this is not entirely true. Due to the fat content being lowered, something needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, the replacement is often an excess of sugar or salt to make the product taste like the full-fat version.

Healthy habits to implement in your daily routine

Even if you do not want to lose weight, there are many healthy habits to implement into your life to improve your overall health. Such as:

  1. Be social. Nurture your friendships. Especially in this day and age, being alone has become second nature. Having friendships can help your social skills and that human need for physical connections.
  2. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Making sure you are receiving enough sleep is crucial. Not only is it necessary to regain your strength and energy, but it gives your body time to heal.
  3. Be more active during the day. When working at a desk from 9-5, it is essential to try and get some steps in during the day. This movement can improve one’s mental health and maintain your body weight.
  4. Make your plate colourful. When eating any meal, try to incorporate as many healthy colours as possible. By doing this, you get more nutrients into your diet.

Embracing self-love

While there is nothing wrong with improving your physical image is good, you need to learn to love, embrace and accept yourself for who you are. Due to social media and the human need to compare ourselves to others, we forget to thank our body and all it does for us. Instead, we ridicule it because it does not look like someone else’s. Be kind to yourself. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your overall health or fitness. However, it is essential to remember to do it healthily and for the right reason.