Essential Oils For Stress

Stress and the amount and way it is regarded can also vary incredibly. And often stress can all have to do with perception.

For example, some folks are incredibly stressed that they don’t have sufficient food to eat or someplace to sleep while at the same time a young socialite might have similar levels of stress merely because they have lost their cell phone and don’t have a new outfit to wear to the black tie event that evening!

Now both the people in our scenario will perceive a similar amount of stress although needless to say one is believed as being so much more serious!

This is just one example of how stress can impact our lives no matter what ones situation, history or background may be!

Stress manifests itself in many different forms. Here are just a few…

Sleeplessness – The inability to be able to “turn off your brain” severely impacts sleep, especially deep, restful sleep.

Nausea – High levels of stress can actually cause a person to be physically sick!

Muscle aches/joint pain – A stresses mind can also present a stressed body and body aches and pain can be a common stress symptom.

Lowered immune system – Stress puts your body into a state of Dis-ease which also can affect your whole immune system!

Anxiety and fear – Stress loves and feeds on anxiety and fear because of the intense emotion attached to it.

Apprehension – Stress does not like confidence so it makes perfect sense that any sort of apprehension is fed upon.

Mood swings – So much going on in the brain, is it any wonder that mood swings are common

Lack of concentration/listlessness – The body and brain needs to be at its best to perform. Stress takes away that concentration and focus.

The great thing is that these five essential oils below can help with reducing stress simply by targeting most of its symptoms.


Lavender is among the best and most regularly used and much treasured essential oils. Lavender has an enjoyable earthy scent that is delicately sweet and freshly floral. The all-embracing effect of lavender is calming, but it also helps support concentration, balances your mood and soothes muscle and joint pain. A real wonder oil!


Chamomile oils have a warm and comfortable scent lightly accentuated by apple and sweet straw. The overall effect is relaxing, and especially helpful for reducing anxiety and dispelling anger. Not only does Chamomile help to relax anxiety and fear, it also settles nausea, levels out your mood and aids with meditation and deep, restful sleep.


Frankincense is the gum or resin of the Boswellia tree and as it is comforting, warm and unique, obviously it made great sense to give it as a gift for baby Jesus! Frankincense’s use in prayer and meditation dates back to ancient times. Frankincense is plentiful in sesquiterpenes which are molecules that penetrate the blood-brain boundary. Frankincense promotes the movement of oxygen to the brain, and includes incensule acetate, which is tremendous is lessening anxiety and depression.