Prepare Lavender Oil

This essential oil has been in use for years. It’s a natural stress reliever and can help you lead a healthy life. However, not everyone can enjoy the benefits of lavender oil mainly because of how expensive it is. Not everyone can afford to set aside a budget and get a bottle of this oil. So, what should be done in this situation? The best option is to prepare your own lavender oil that is equally good yet least expensive.

You can easily prepare lavender oil at home because it will not require any special machine or ingredient. Things needed include:

  • A jar with a properly fitting lid
  • A glass mixing bowl
  • About 300ml oil (see below for more information)
  • Muslin
  • A glass bottle with a properly fitting lid
  • Eight tbs. of lavender flower for every steeping


  • Pick the bottle of non-scented oil and put it (about 300ml) into the jar and then simply stir in the flowers. Once stirred, cover the jar and leave it in the sunny windowsill for 2 days (48 hours) making sure to shake every 12 hours.
  • This step involves straining the oil. Simply lay the muslin over the bowl and use it to squeeze the oil in the bowl. You can use a spoon to press so that all the oil is filtered and is in the jar.
  • Now put the oil back in the jar and once again add flowers (fresh) and repeat the first and second step until you get the right lavender oil smell.
  • Once you think the oil is ready (check the smell, or just repeat the first two steps twice) put it in the bottle with the stopper and your oil is ready to use. Make sure you put it in a cool and dry place and it will be good for about 6 to 12 months.