How to know what cosmetic products are tested on animals

Recently, there have been a lot of issues about cosmetic products which are tested on animals. A lot of these products leave the animals maimed, or worse, get them killed. As such, the advocacy for cruelty-free cosmetics has risen and lots of resources and helpful lists have been published to guide people into a cruelty-free skincare routine. More beauty brands are also advised to use the many options of non-animal, scientifically backed testing methods that are cheaper and reliable. Here is how to know if a cosmetic product is tested on animals:

If it doesn’t have a certified logo bunny

To show that their products are not tested on animals, companies are required to place a certified logo bunny on their product packages. You can find this logo on labels or the back of products. However, ensure that you make your research and know the officially certified bunny logos. Companies …