Ways to Enhance Brain Fitness

  • Try memorizing a song – Choose a song that you are fond of, but haven’t memorized the lyrics yet. Listen to the song as many times as you can and try to memorize the lyrics. This will help improve the habit of careful listening, apart from building an active memory.
  • Visit a museum – Consider going on a guided tour of any historical place or a museum. Listen to the guide carefully throughout the tour and after you reach home, try jotting down all the details that you remember. While doing so, your brain will take part in three different operations – receiving, remembering and thinking. This will surely help improve the function of your brain.
  • Try meditating daily – Meditating for a certain period of time everyday is one of the best possible ways to improve brain fitness. This not only helps you relax to a great extent, but also gives your brain the perfect workout. While meditating, you can create a different mental state and thus engage your brain in interesting and new ways.
  • Watch television at a lower volume – Consider setting your television volume a little down than what you normally do. Check out if you can concentrate properly on whatever is being shown. As soon as you get comfortable with the setting, turn the volume down another notch. This is because most of the times, you keep on increasing the volume without even realizing that your listening capability has become a little detuned. Such a step will not only help improve your concentration power, but also give your brain fitness a boost.

Apart from trying these, you can also learn to play a new instrument; solve a jigsaw puzzle; play Sudoko or crosswords; take tutoring classes to lean a new language or take plenty of rest. It’s equally important to opt for a balanced diet and choose brain healthy recipes to ensure that your brain remains fit and healthy for years to come.