Dealing With Negative People

In dealing with Negative People, the teacher in me will sometimes try to show them another viewpoint to looking at a situation or problem in a more positive light. This clearly doesn’t always work, because, everyone’s journey is different. In the case of someone not being pliable enough to look at another angle, I realize that I don’t need to have any more words on the subject, as they won’t help this person just yet anyway. I am, however, very grateful to have had teachers in my life who have shown me different viewpoints on the negative side of the world. I realize that there are very many ways of looking at things in life to keep yourself in a positive place. What I’ve learned throughout my life is that my trials and tribulations in the world, while sometimes very ugly and painful, have made me who I am. These negative life lessons have made me a stronger person and I do truly believe that I can handle anything the world throws at me. I’ve always been on the side of optimism, and not pessimism, because that’s what’s best for my well-being.

I listen to my mind and body as to how someone makes me ‘feel’. If I don’t feel happy, positive, and uplifted while in someone’s presence, I try to avoid that person or situation as much as possible. I do realize that, again, everyone is on their own personal journey and they may not be in the same place in the journey as I am, and that’s truly OK. It’s taken me quite some time to learn to look at a person or situation and realize that I cannot change anyone but myself in any given situation. And that’s the best I can do for me! I do now love my self enough to recognize people who are toxic for me and my well-being, and do something about it. If avoidance is an issue, and just cannot be done, I will try to remember to protect my energy with the ‘White Light of Protection’ visualization. I say try, because I am human, and I forget sometimes that I need to protect myself. This is my journey of self love.

I wear grounding and protective crystals, like Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline can repel, and block negative energies within a person or space. You can also use it with an intention as a cleansing and purifying system to transmute any heavy energy into a lighter frequency. This is also one of the crystals that I felt was so important, I used it when designing the LHE ‘7 in 1’ Chakra Balancing Crystal Bracelet!

Lastly, ask the person to ‘say something positive’. Not only does this help someone to realize that their behavior is very negative, but also maybe you’ll help them see that there are other ways to looking at things without having to be so negative and such a downer. I used to do this at work all of the time and it always worked like a charm. If someone was unhappy about something in particular and is being rude about it, I try not to apologize to them about it for two reasons: The first reason is that I know that I did the best that I could to diffuse the situation; and secondly, I will not excuse or validate rude behavior with an apology. I have, however, thanked people for their patience while they were being so rude. This usually tends to help them see that their behavior is unacceptable and ends in an apology from them. Try it sometime! It’s actually pretty fun seeing yourself turn around the negativity!