Depression In Pregnant Women

There are some people who attribute these symptoms of depression in women to the effect of hormones. However, depression during pregnancy is a very real problem that many are struggling to combat and cope with. In fact, many women do not even realize that they are suffering from depression during pregnancy because they attribute much of what they feel to changes in hormones. It is therefore to watch out for these symptoms of depression in young women and get help if needed when these symptoms appear during pregnancy.

Identifying Depression During Pregnancy
While the initial stages of symptoms of depression in women who are pregnant include anxiety, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and other general mood changes that occur during pregnancy, the following symptoms of depression in young women should be monitored if they become more frequent and severe. Pregnant women require a great deal of more understanding as well as love and support to deal with this period in their lives.

However, if the following symptoms persist, the right medical help might be required to deal with these symptoms and get over them:

  1. Anxiety and irritability.
  2. Panic attacks.
  3. Insomnia or sleeping too much.
  4. Lack of appetite or eating too much.
  5. The feeling of being unable to care for oneself and for the baby that is growing inside.
  6. The inability to follow medical directions for self-care during pregnancy.
  7. The of use of drugs and alcohol to combat feelings of depression.
  8. Persistent sadness.
  9. Feelings of worthlessness.
  10. Thoughts of suicide.

In most cases, the younger the woman, the higher is the risk of depression during pregnancy. Considering this as a real problem of depression in young women who are pregnant, is essential.