How to know what cosmetic products are tested on animals

Recently, there have been a lot of issues about cosmetic products which are tested on animals. A lot of these products leave the animals maimed, or worse, get them killed. As such, the advocacy for cruelty-free cosmetics has risen and lots of resources and helpful lists have been published to guide people into a cruelty-free skincare routine. More beauty brands are also advised to use the many options of non-animal, scientifically backed testing methods that are cheaper and reliable. Here is how to know if a cosmetic product is tested on animals:

If it doesn’t have a certified logo bunny

To show that their products are not tested on animals, companies are required to place a certified logo bunny on their product packages. You can find this logo on labels or the back of products. However, ensure that you make your research and know the officially certified bunny logos. Companies have to pay to use any of the officially certified bunny logos. As such, some companies who do not have the means or who are still into animal testing go-ahead to create similar bunny logos to deceive unsuspecting people and parade their products as cruelty-free products.

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Reading reviews

Reviews give us the opportunity to get the opinion of people that have used the product. People always give various types of information while reviewing a product. By reading reviews about cosmetic products on UK collected reviews, you can know if the products were tested on animals or not. For instance, if you see Currentbody reviews, chances are that at least one person in the know will have hinted on the practice of the company testing products on animals (if they do) or not (if they don’t)

If the company isn’t among the online list of certified non-animal testing brands

If you are shopping online, you can rely on a list of certified cruelty-free brands to keep you in check. Any company whose products are cruelty-free and have been confirmed to meet the requirements should have its name on the list. As such, even companies that cannot afford to pay for the official logos used can still get on that list. However, you need to be careful about where you get the information from, as not all cruelty-free product list are authentic

If the company refuses to reply to your message or gives an unsatisfactory answer

Another way to know if a cosmetic is tested on animals or not is to email the company and ask your specific questions and concerns. A responsible and guiltless company should reply to you and even send you links where you can confirm the quality of their products. However, this method is time-consuming as you may not get an instant reply to your messages. Also, you can use a free cruelty-free mobile app. All you have to do is scan the product’s barcode to instantly know if it is tested or not.

If the product is not approved by a cruelty-free expert

Just like there are consultants for stuff like real estate and marketing, there are also consultants for cruelty-free beauty products. These consultants as well as beauty bloggers check online cruelty-free lists and email companies themselves to provide you with adequate information on cruelty-free products. However, you should only trust this method if you trust the standards of the expert or blogger. Besides, it will not hurt to consider other opinions as an expert or blogger might only be trying to sell you in on products. You can use a combination of all the tips provided to help you in making the right choice.