Meaning Of Dreams And Mental Health

The information I had was very different from the false information of the commercial world. The special information I had in dream messages proves that the unconscious mind discovered by Carl Jung really is God’s mind.

Now that the satanic origin of the human conscience was discovered you have to realize that you must always look for signs of absurdity and evilness in your thoughts and in your behavior, and also when you analyze other people’s personality and their attitude in various situations.

Your dreams help you verify the depth of your absurdity and evilness in order to correct your behavior and help you think based on God’s wisdom. They also help you analyze other people’s behavior and identify various signs of absurdity and evilness in their personality.

God helps you become a psychologist and understand how the human brain works. He gives you many lessons in every dream.

Now you know that your satanic anti-conscience never stops trying to destroy your conscience through craziness and despair. So, you know that you must protect your conscience and stop accepting absurd and evil thoughts as if they were inoffensive and they could be helpful.

Now you know that you must be suspicious and always look for the real intention of every thought that pops up in your mind.

Your dreams help you understand the influence of your anti-conscience in your mind and in your behavior and in other people’s words and reactions.

Everyone inherits a satanic anti-conscience. Some people seem to be more balanced, but everyone inherits a demon in their brain. The demon can be buried in their psyche or it can be very powerful and destroy their conscience.

Everyone’s anti-conscience must be eliminated through consciousness because it is very dangerous and it can invade the conscious surface at any time.

Even when it is deeply buried in someone’s psyche it can suddenly invade the conscious surface like a volcano.

Dream analysis and therapy is a deep process of transformation that works as a mental health treatment, spiritual purification, and mind empowerment at the same time.

The transformation of your personality depends on a behavioral change. You have to stop acting like a cruel demon that merely pretends to be human and become a true human being.

You have to be able to understand other people’s pain and show compassion. You have to respect your moral principles. You must have the behavior of a saint.

Sound mental health depends on goodness and wisdom.