Mistake In Sugar Addiction

First was my Mindset Mistake: I resisted the idea of having to give up sugar. Yes, I knew I was addicted to it but was sure I wouldn’t have to quit.

Second was my Attitude Mistake: I started looking for loopholes. Believe me, no one ever looked harder for a sugar loophole than I did, so I can say with confidence there isn’t one. But I didn’t believe that back then!

Third was my Behavior Mistake, which of course was a direct outgrowth of the first two: I used Sneaky Sugars. A new and popular item at that time was “all fruit” jelly – as if that wouldn’t have an addictive effect on me. I’d buy and eat it by the jarful. Another was a fake ice-cream-type dessert that had me at “hello” – hooked on the first spoonful.


Many trending sugars are available now, showing how sneaky the food industry can be, along with some old faithful entries: agave, coconut sugar, maple syrup, honey – and Organic Sugar. ‘Cause that doesn’t affect the brain; it’s organic… !

If I could start all over, I’d be more Zen about sugar: No attachments. No aversions.

I’d accept that my addiction meant needing to give up sugar – and give it up much sooner.

I’ve never regretted quitting sugar but do regret the time I wasted – and the frustrations I caused myself – by not facing my addiction to it for real, once and for all. No one knew this stuff back then.