Prevent Dangerous Outcomes

I continued his research from that point and on by precisely obeying the divine guidance in my dreams, after discovering that God is the dream producer. I had a religious attitude.

I was young and ignorant, and I recognized the fact that I needed guidance. I couldn’t imagine what I would find in the end.

When I discovered the existence of the satanic anti-conscience in the human brain (in January of 1989) I kept obeying God’s guidance as I was doing before discovering it, but with more seriousness. My obedience was the result of a long preparation.

When someone discovers something this person has to act according to the knowledge they have after making this discovery.

I felt somehow like Alfred Nobel, who invented dynamite because he discovered its explosive power. He had to deal with many accidents, and his brother died because of an explosion in one of their factories. He suffered very much because of his dangerous discovery.

The fact that I discovered the existence of a satanic conscience that works in parallel with our human conscience in our brain was like discovering the existence of a bomb in the human brain, ready to explode.

My discovery was more than terrible. This discovery changed the meaning of everything.

However, it was indispensable. The fact that I discovered that Satan lives in the human brain is positive for humanity, even though this is a bitter truth. We have to stop being indifferent to absurdity in order to stop being victims of our satanic anti-conscience.

Many tragic cases prove this bitter truth. Women who suffer from postpartum psychosis and kill their babies after having a child prove that there is a demon inside their brain, generating absurd and evil behavior. Otherwise, they would never kill their own child. Tragic cases of people who suffer from multiple personality disorder and don’t remember the crimes they commit when they are controlled by a violent part of their personality prove this fact the same way.

We can find many similar examples if we will examine the mental health problems and crimes of the human race.

We believed that only some people were mentally ill and most people were normal. However, thanks to the knowledge we have now, we know that everyone is mentally ill from birth. We inherit a satanic primitive conscience and our human conscience must be developed in order to become really intelligent and sensitive.

Everyone is absurd, but some people manage to hide their absurdity.

The same demon that is responsible for the crimes committed by those who are condemned by our hypocritical society lives in the brain of these who condemn their actions.

Anyone can become a murderer or a thief, or commit suicide at any time, even if they seemed to be reasonable, sensitive, and honest all their lives. Everything depends on how strong their anti-conscience is, and on the situations they face in life.

We have many recurring dreams and nightmares because they reflect the absurdity imposed by our anti-conscience to our conscience.

Why would we have terrible nightmares if we had no reason to be afraid of anything?

If we were mentally healthy, we wouldn’t have nightmares and bad dreams. We would have only interesting dreams giving us information about the future.

A woman who suffers from postpartum psychosis cannot suppose that she will be affected by this terrible mental disorder after giving birth. The only way she can prevent it is by following psychotherapy through dream interpretation based on the scientific method before giving birth.

A person who suffers from multiple personality disorder or schizophrenia couldn’t suppose that this was their destiny before acquiring this mental illness.

Only if we will precisely obey the divine guidance in our dreams can we prevent craziness and terror.