Protect Your Mental Health

In your dreams the movement your ego makes from one conscience to another appears when you go up or down. When you go upstairs you go to the region of your human conscience. This means that you think based on human standards. When you go down you go to the dangerous region of your satanic anti-conscience, where you think based on absurdity and evilness.

The constant influence of your anti-conscience is represented by your mother. Whenever you have dreams about your mother this means that your anti-conscience is influencing or controlling your mind and your behavior.

You have to be afraid of your anti-conscience because its intention is to destroy your conscience and replace your ego. However, your anti-conscience is your evil self. You believe that your evil self helps you in many ways, and that it defends you from your enemies. This is a misleading impression, but you trust your evil self more than anyone else.

You believe that you need an evil self because you don’t want to be foolish. You want to be smart and take advantage of all the opportunities you may have to live better. You also believe that your evil self helps you understand who is evil, while this is not true.

Therefore, you are a perfect victim to your satanic anti-conscience. You listen to its evil thoughts as if there was something useful in them.

Depending on how much you will pay attention to these absurd and evil thoughts, you will lose more or less consciousness.

You must learn how to identify all the signs of evilness in order to have a clear mind and think based on justice.

Your anti-conscience makes you believe that there is no difference between good or evil. It transforms everything into the same thing, as if there was no difference at all between good and evil.

You become more insensitive and more idiotic as you follow the absurd thoughts it sends to your conscience, but you don’t understand this fact.

Your dreams help you stop being a slave to your anti-conscience and develop your conscience. Your evil self disappears as you develop your human side through dream translation.

While you are alive you have to understand that without goodness everything is false, empty, and dangerous. This philosophical comprehension is indispensable for the salvation of your conscience. Otherwise, it will be destroyed by your satanic anti-conscience.

However, you are easily misled by the impression that evilness is smarter than goodness. You don’t think about the consequences of your mistakes. You don’t take your spirit into consideration. You don’t believe that there is life after death.

You make many mistakes.

When you accept evil thoughts as if they were useful you believe in delusions, but you don’t understand this fact. You believe that what is false, empty, temporary, and dangerous can make you happy.

You are alive in order to discover that goodness is indispensable in life, and cultivate goodness in your heart. However, this comprehension cannot be imposed. You have to understand this fact by yourself.

This is a difficult matter when you tend to think based on the evil thoughts of your anti-conscience and you believe that you have more advantages when you are selfish.

You don’t believe that selfishness is evilness, but when you are selfish you think only about your own interests. So, you do everything you can to protect and achieve your goals, without caring about justice.

You may try to justify your actions based on an ‘individualistic justice’, but your definitions don’t change the evilness existent in your thoughts and actions. You give many excuses to yourself.

You tend to add good characteristics to what is bad because this is convenient for your ego and your anti-conscience suggests this convenient distortion.

Your dreams help you stop making this mistake. You must learn how to clearly recognize what is bad in order to protect your conscience.