What you need to get out of your comfort place

A lot of people want to operate at their highest levels of competence and brilliance, but they are not willing to go through the process of getting there. Why? Because the process is a laborious one. It involves stepping out of your comfort space and into the unfamiliar, going through painful changes that will require you to be patient while you are in the process, but bring about great returns. If you are one of the few persons who believe they can be more, do more, have more and contribute more, then you need to become enemies with your comfort zone. Your progress lies in following the unbeaten path; your glory lies in polishing the rough diamond in you through personal development. Here is a list of what you need to get out of your comfort zone:


Getting out of your comfort zone is not a walk in the park. Most times, it is not something that excites you. You would always want to give in to the demands of your body; to sleep, eat and engage in other unprofitable activities. It takes strong willpower for you to make up your minds against all odds and determine to go all the way, no matter how difficult it may be. You need the willpower to stay the course when things get rough, you need the willpower to realize that your fight is different from others especially when you are surrounded with those who do give their lives any thought. Your willpower will keep you motivated, even when it seems you can no longer hear the voices of those who once supported you. Your willpower will open up your channels of creativity and innovation because you will always want to find a way to tweak the odds in your favour.


You need the information to get started on the path of stepping out of your comfort zone and taking full responsibility for your personal development. What usually spurs the hunger for growth, the hunger to get out of our comfort zone is information. For instance, a student whose dreams of studying overseas may come across a piece of information that states that there is a full scholarship to study in his dream university for first-class students. Such a student may be encouraged by that and as such, put in extra efforts in his academics. He goes out of his comfort zone to learn beyond what he is taught in class so that he can get excellent grades. If he keeps at it, he eventually gets the needed degree and goes ahead to study overseas. Information is potential power; you cannot afford to be blinded by ignorance on your journey to becoming a higher version of yourself. You have to consistently seek ionformati0on, even beyond your custodians of knowledge.

blinded by ignorance

A plan

As much as you need to get out of your comfort zone, it is more important that you know where you are headed. If you have no clear vision of where you want to go and no plans to get there, every way will become a way to you. You will easily be derailed and distracted because you have no definite destination. For you to have a plan, you must first have a vision. You have to see it with the eyes of your mind before you can put it down on paper. Also, take note that your plan must be focused and strategic. You surely do not want to use the whole of your life to work out your vision; this is not about you taking shortcuts, rather it means you use the fastest track possible. Your plan might include going on a vacation to reduce distractions in your current environment and access the situation of things. You can subsequently use that opportunity to map out plans on things that you have to do to push yourself further and achieve more. You would be able to clearly outline things you should do and how you should go about doing them with little to no distractions. You can read vacation ideas for you to travel if you are having a dilemma with choosing where to travel to and how to go about it.


It is possible to have strong willpower, the most detailed information and the best plan and still amount to nothing. Why? Because you refused to take action. You can learn from the best teacher and have the most engaging vision, but what translates all of those into reality is action. Without action, all the information you have gathered is as good as nothing. The most important thing you need is action. You can start without a vision or a plan or the required information, yet you will get to your destination. As you take action, you know more, your vision will expand and your plans will be more valid. Never underestimate the place of action. Start with baby steps first, then scale up your actions later. Do not overwhelm yourself, one step at a time and you will get there.