Prevent Mental Health Problems

We are not alive to live like animals. Material pleasures don’t help us evolve.

We have to stop being frivolous and pay attention to those who are suffering.

We have to eliminate terror, poverty, immorality, and all the horrors of the world. We have to forgive our enemies and let God punish everyone whenever they will be able to learn their lessons and regret.

We wouldn’t think about getting revenge if we didn’t have a satanic nature. We feel pleasure when our enemies suffer because we are absurd and evil.

Their suffering doesn’t erase our suffering. We shouldn’t become glad when they are punished. We should be sorry for them because they were controlled by their satanic anti-conscience when they were evil.

The main reason why God doesn’t immediately punish all sinners the way they deserve to be punished while they are alive is because their enemies would become glad, feeling that they got revenge. The worst sinners are punished many years after committing their sins.

We have to stop wanting to get revenge of our enemies and feel compassion for them because they are sick. On the other hand, all sinners are punished after death, besides being punished while they are alive even if this is not visible to the outside world.

We should realize that our life on earth is a temporary period of time that prepares us for our life after death, instead of believing that we have to live well on earth. Here we are in a school. We have to learn many lessons and evolve.

We have to change many things now that we know that there is a demon in our brain, but first of all everyone must believe in this fact and stop being superficial and frivolous.

Most people don’t want to believe in the existence of the anti-conscience, but we cannot keep being indifferent now that we know the truth. The demon is always trying to kill us, besides destroying other people’s lives.

The confrontation with the anti-conscience demands a heroic attitude that most people don’t want to have. However, all dreamers have to verify the existence of a demon in their brain through dream translation, even without directly fighting its absurdity in their daily life like I had to do when I discovered its existence.

For me everything was very dangerous and unbearable because I was the first one to discover the existence of the anti-conscience and I was predetermined to face schizophrenia at a certain point of my life. For everyone else this experience is sad, but safe and simple thanks to the process they follow through dream translation.

The anti-conscience generates too many unbearable symptoms at the same time, like dizziness, loss of equilibrium, and many other unpleasant sensations. However, its attacks are organized. They become worse as it tries to destroy the person’s conscience without managing to do it.

The attacks of the anti-conscience begin with dizziness, oral and visual distortions, and many absurd and repetitive thoughts about the most mundane aspects of the human life. Then, it sends panic attacks, blackouts, and hallucinations to the person’s conscience. It is an invincible enemy.

I could survive its attacks without losing my mind because I was praying all the time and I was studying my experiences like a doctor, always guided by God, who was helping me face this dangerous battle through many ways, besides sending me information in dreams.

I had the codes I found in Chico Xavier’s book. These codes helped me have a direct communication with God without sleeping and dreaming. This alternative changed everything for me. My communication with God went to the next level. I didn’t doubt that God was alive, and I didn’t doubt that the terrible symptoms I had to bear were sent by a demon.

This is why I could survive and I’m giving you lessons today. I managed to face everything with courage in order to give you this information and help you avoid being a victim of your anti-conscience. You won’t bear to fight its unbearable symptoms like I did.

The same demon I found in my brain lives in everyone’s brain. I was not an exception.

God helped me clearly understand the relationship between religion and science. All mental illnesses are generated by Satan (our satanic anti-conscience) when it manages to invade our conscience.

You can verify the existence of your anti-conscience in your dreams, without having to face its unbearable symptoms like me. This way you will be able to prevent mental health problems.

This verification requires great courage because what you understand after verifying that you are too absurd changes your life. You stop being frivolous and inconsequential. You become a mature and responsible person.